August 31 - September 2, 2019

Windsor, CO USA

Vendor information will be available soon


Windsor Harvest Festival Vendor Information


**PLEASE NOTE: The following vendors have already been submitted and we cannot accept more than one of these booths.  DO NOT APPLY if you are one of these vendors:
Senegence, Scentsy, ColorStreet, Origami Owl, Doterra

**IF YOU ARE A FOOD VENDOR: Please call 970-310-0878 for registration.  Do NOT register here! We already have the following vendors: Popcorn/Kettle Corn

2019 Windsor Harvest Festival
Arts & Crafts or Commercial Booth
Vendor Information

Hello, and welcome to the 98th Windsor Harvest Festival! If you are new to the festival or one of our many repeat vendors, please take a moment to read the information in your paperwork. As in previous years the commercial booths will be on the west and south sides of the park. The arts and crafts booths will be on the east and north sides of the park.


This year we will be selling on Sunday September 1st and Monday September 2nd from 9am until 5pm.


Set up can only be done between 8am until 4pm Saturday August 31st and from 6am until 9 am Sunday September 1st. We ask that all booths be ready to go by 9am Sunday September 1st unless prior arrangements have been made.


- If you are selling goods, you MUST pay State and Windsor Sales tax together at the event in one envelope (to be handed out at check-in). The total for sales tax to be collected is 6.85%

(2.9% for state, 3.95 for Windsor), and is due at the end of the event. Late fees will be assessed if you do not return your paperwork by the end of the event on Monday.  You DO NOT need a special events license number this year, and this event is NOT included on your normal sales tax payments at the end of the year as you are paying it at the end of the festival. (Yes, makes it VERY easy for you!)

- Tax tables and envelopes will be supplied the day of the festival. Volunteers will be around to collect the envelopes on or before 5 pm Monday. If you plan to leave before  then, you MUST turn your envelope into the information booth.

- If you are a vendor and purchase items from a corporate company for resale (i.e. Damsel in Distress, etc.), you MUST pay Windsor sales tax (3.95%) on your income at the festival. (i.e., If you buy an item from corporate for $6 and you sell at the festival for $10, you still have to pay Windsor Sales Tax on the $4 you made). No exceptions.



- Each space is 15 ft by 15 ft and will be on the grass. All booths will be numbered.

- Prior permission is required in order to drive on the grass.

- When setting up, please make sure you are on the correct side. There will be vendor lists in the  Information Booth at 3rd Street and Elm if you would like to find or double check your space.

- No water will be provided. We have a small amount of electricity available. Prior arrangements must be made if you need electricity.

- Please leave your pets at home.

- Because of the heavy traffic flow, we strongly urge you to consider setting up your tent and  display cases on Saturday.

- No RVs over 22 ft can be parked on the street overnight. Trailers and RVs need to move to  Chimney Park, just two blocks east of Main Park after being unloaded.  We will provide a shuttle service for anyone who needs to make trips to trailers or RVs for supplies during the festival.   Please come to the Red Tent Information Booth at the intersection of 3rd and Elm if this service is needed. This will provide more parking  for customers and hopefully relieve some of the traffic congestion.

- Do not double park while unloading or you will be ticketed.

- No guns, knives, weapons of any kind, projectile weapons of any kind, or drug paraphernalia  are to be sold (including fake weapons of any kind). Fart bombs, bag bombs, champagne  poppers, silly string, disappearing ink, or anything squirted or sprayed may not be sold.  This is  to protect all of our vendors, their merchandise, and our visitors.

- Violation of any rules or regulations will result in expulsion from the show.

- The Town of Windsor and the Harvest Festival Committee assume NO responsibility for loss or  damage to any product, display, or person.




Cost: $100.00 per booth

$135.00 for applications postmarked or electronically submitted after August 1, 2019

$30.00 for electricity (if approved)


Only completed applications with payment will be accepted. Please make check or money order payable to Windsor Harvest Festival.


Questions? Please call 970-674-2899.


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